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About Us

We are steadily growing to create our footprint in the MMM sector which includes clients in the Mining, Manufacturing, and Marine industries.

Makwande Auctioneers was established in 2011 by husband and wife power team Vusi and Nobantu Mtimde,  to provide asset disposal services and solutions to the private and public sector. We have established a track record in the sector, servicing clients from various industries including Development Finance institutions, Legal practitioners and Industrial companies.

We have a deep respect for the pioneering processes that established the auctioneering industry centuries ago, however we also embrace futuristic opportunities that will help enhance our capabilities and deepen our expertise in the business sectors that we service.

We value our relationships with our clients above all and strive to combine our traditional family values, professional and friendly approach, and ongoing service excellence to all areas of our business. We look forward to welcoming you to the Makwande family!

Our MD, Ms Nobantu Mtimde qualified as an auctioneer at the South African College of Auctioneers in 2012.

Nobantu started her career in a support and administrative in the private sector which is where she grew her organisational skill and capability.  After spending a few years in the banking sector in a marketing role she decided to pursue an opportunity to enter the auction industry as a Business Development Manager responsible for growing the company’s client base.

“After attending my first auction I was hooked” says Nobantu, “I knew that I had found my why” and decided to venture out and start my own business. Makwande Auctioneers is a family business because my husband, Vusi also invested in the vision of Makwande Auctioneers and ‘we began our journey of building Makwande Auctioneers side by side’.

At home Nobantu is also passionate about recycling and waste management.  Saturday mornings in our home are reserved for sorting our waste and taking it to our recycling centre together as a family.

Vusi Mtimde is our technical strength and ensures all logistics run smoothly.

Besides soccer, Vusi has always had a passion for cars and it followed naturally that he would obtain a Logistics qualification in Road Transport Management through the University of Johannesburg.  His experience spans across various industries including the insurance and retail sectors but he feels most at home in reclamation where used goods are recovered and rejuvenated to extend their lifetime value.

Vusi’s strengths are technical in nature and his role is to continuously align the business operations with key outputs of profitability and sustainability.

Vusi is a novice mountain biker and still finds time to follow F1 motorsport.  The mantra that Vusi lives by is ‘Family comes first’ and as such he is key pillar to the survival and success of Makwande Auctioneers over the years.  This mantra has seen Vusi build many lasting connections and relationships over the years with our customers and clients.

Vision, Mission and Values
  • Vision: To become a leading multi-generational family business that continuously delivers value to the local and international community of buyers and sellers in the used capital goods sector.
  • Mission: By embracing the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance, Makwande Auctioneers’ mission is to set new standards and break existing barriers in the role of auctions as a positive catalyst in the tradability of used capital assets in South Africa and Africa.
  • Values: Underpinned by Respect, our values are:
    • Ubuntu –  we live the spirit of collective unity rooted in our rich indigenous heritage and culture as Africans and South Africans.
    • Customer service – Makwande Auctioneers would not exist without its customers.
    • Integrity – we aim to do good business one transaction at a time.
    • Humility – our actions and behaviour are always driven by kindness and self-awareness
    • Generosity – we practise empathy when engaging with each other, our team members, customers and clients alike
    • Creativity – we embrace a forward thinking approach in creating solutions for our customers problems
    • Fun – we believe in enjoying what we do.

Auction Services

Whether live or online Makwande Auctioneers creates a competitive context and platform that encourages bidding by buyers for lots and items that have been put up for sale by our clients. Our processes are fair and transparent to ensure that both the seller and the bidder achieve maximum value in the process.

Reclamation Services

Makwande Auctioneers provides above-ground reclamation services to the mining, manufacturing and marine sectors.  This entails the removal of equipment, machinery and recyclable material left over from product manufacturing in adherence to all safety and environmental regulations.

Ancilliary Services

Through our network of industry specialists and partners, Makwande Auctioneers is able to provide Valuation services, Demolition and Dismantling Services as well as Transportation for goods from client sites.


Whatever your service or product we’ve got you covered with our professional team of marketers, advisors and entreprenurs. We’ve got you covered from day one and ensure your success through launch.

An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the winning bidder. In economic theory, an auction may refer to any mechanism or set of trading rules for exchange.

  • Auctions are the only type of sale where the price is negotiated higher than lower
  • Auctions create a competitive bidding environment which helps increase prices for sellers
  • Auction can be held on a short period of time minimizing holding costs
  • Auctions allow sellers to create their own terms of sale
  • Auctions create a market for hard to value items
  • Auctions allow buyers to bid with confidence knowing other also have an interest in the merchandise
  • Selling by Auction stimulates competition It puts bidders in a positive frame of mind
  • It brings buyers to a state of decision
  • The price is decided by more than one

An auctioneer is a transaction orientated, problem solving individual who accepts the responsibility of recycling assets at through a planned and well organised event

  • To sell various goods to the highest bidder in financial terms.
  • To represent and protect the best interests of the seller and the buyer.
  • To introduce each item individually to the buyers, and point out the characteristics of each item.

To be loyal to all parties

  • To disclose all information relevant to the auction sale
  • To ensure confidentiality in business dealings with clients
  • To be accountable and safeguard the seller and the buyer
  • To be diligent in all processes and practices
  • To act in accordance with legal requirements
  • To constantly acquire knowledge and information relating the industry, buyers and sellers
  • To always act fairly and not profit on someone else’s loss and charge in line with the required deliverables

Auctions are treated as ‘trade sales’, and as such do not have to stick to most of the normal consumer protection laws. There will usually be a clause printed in their Conditions of Sale (displayed at the auction or printed in the catalogue) stating “we are not responsible for the authenticity or condition of any item”. However, goods must not be deliberately described or misrepresented falsely. If the buyer finds that he/she was misled into buying something, it will have to be proven to court that the buyer examined the item closely before buying it. The buyer will have to proof any obvious false description or misrepresentation.

The South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA) is the body appointed by auctioneers to represent them in South Africa. Members of this body must adhere to the bodies’ standards to promote professionalism within the industry.

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